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Robust Application Management

for Art Festival Promoters and Artists
All-in-one online solution for Artists to quickly apply to Art Festivals

and Promoters to easily manage those Applications
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Benefits of using FestivalClick

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"Applying to Art Festivals shouldn’t take longer than a few clicks of the mouse."
Saves Time
Conventional paper-based application or basic online forms require Promoter’s to assemble Applications, send Call for Artists, conduct Jurying, collect Payments in different environments. FestivalClick combines everything in one system and can be done with a few clicks.
More accurate
Artist responses on their applications are gathered digitally, so Promoters don't have to transcribe handwritten, sometimes hard to read, notes into the computer. The data is immediately available, and results can be instantly monitored even while the “Call for Artists” is ongoing.
Much more secure
Promoters don’t have to worry about handling or losing checks. No longer is credit card information written on applications potentially viewed by anyone. Artists securely pay online with credit cards.
Accessible from anywhere
Artists set up their account, upload pictures, resume and other information, and they can keep all in one place. FestivalClick’s system can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access, whether in studio, on the road or at Art Festival.
Gives instant feedback
With paper-based application Artists have no way of knowing if their application packages were received and processed. FestivalClick allows Artists to see their applications’ status as it moves through the approval process.
Enables easier communication
Communicating through FestivalClick’s system reduces the need to reach for the phone. Sending online messages provides information that is accessible almost instantly. Connect with Artist, Promoters and Patrons and do all whenever you choose – 24 hours a day.
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